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Orlando-based and rapidly growing an eclectic fanbase across the noise, footwork, and nightcore communities, Ivy Hollivana is a pop star in-waiting.

Coming Soon: Ivy Hollivana's debut EP 'Dear Deathwaters'

A classically-trained soprano, Ivy Hollivana's ethereal, operatic vocal style collides with glimmering electronic production on her debut EP Dear Deathwaters, a stunning collection of dreamy, healing anthems for the future. Written during a transitional period of drastic relocations and challenging personal losses, the EPs fast-paced, chaotic tracks, reflect the sudden transformations that Ivy underwent throughout its creation. From the blistering breakbeats that drive  “Breaking Point” to the dense waves of synthesizer swirling through first single and relationship swan-song “Rebuild,” her dazzling, celestial pop sound is a modern fairytale brought to life.

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"The words lush bedroom POWER pop come to mind." - 1833

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"I fell in love with her sweet little voice and awesome songs. They are dreamy and with some indie pop accents. Just lovely." -oyeminoize

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"The tender but steady vocals of Ivy Hollivana,(...) the warm whispers and subtly operatic falsetto usher to the fringe of something new" -oxfordkarma

A modern fairytale with twinkling instrumentals and light, dainty vocals. Ivy demonstrates an electronic pop sound that perfectly slows down life’s busy and hectic mood.
photo by Jen Cray.

photo by Jen Cray.

Over a notably old-school range of beatscapes that spanned breakbeat and house, she stretched her angelic voice amid dreamy, shimmering sounds with a modern edge that’s both vulnerable and self empowering.