Orlando-based and rapidly growing an eclectic fanbase across the noise, footwork, and nightcore communities, Ivy Hollivana is a pop star in-waiting.


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“it’s as if I'm making my feelings into something tangible” - Ivy Hollivana

Multimedia Artist Ivy Hollivana has always been motivated, developing herself as a singer at the age of 12. The D.I.Y mentality of Ivy's pop rings true with audiences, most recently with her successful album "Kissings" and her consistent Patreon fanbase. When she isn't doing album production, remixes, or vocal features on the tracks of other self-starting grassroots musicians, she's creating art assets for collaborators and clients alike. Ivy Hollivana has made advertising materials for musicians like bbymutha  and published an art zine with illustrator cheveux_de_lin .

Not only is she driven on a singular level, she excels when working with and for others. With these sort of connections and clientele, she's growing to the point where her venues are going beyond smaller, intimate sessions at bar and convention venues, and moving forward to larger performance spaces such as SXSW in Austin, Texas.

When asked about her own work, Ivy's persona gives way to humble but hopeful voice of a young creator. "It feels like I'm creating my feelings-" she continues "as if I'm making my feelings into something tangible." The thoughts and dreams coalesce into forms and sculpture soundscapes; From the dreamy stylings of her art to the serene and blissful soundscape of her music and voice, for Ivy Hollivana: It's Only Getting Sweeter.